About Carbotec Chemicals

Carbotec Chemicals was founded in 1986 by Lee Shaffer, Jr. Lee opened Carbotec's doors after years of farming and managing a chemical sales and application business in South Louisiana. Carbotec was founded on the principle of providing quality products in a cost effective manner to all those loyal customers that have need for herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and industrial lubricants.

The Business

HOMCarbotec is a small business that is focused on providing the best product at the most cost efficient price. In general pesticides are provided to industrial applicators, farmers and government entities. These customers are at the heart of our business, and we focus our attention in ensuring the staff here at Carbotec provides essential information and a quality product for the pest management issues at hand.

We also help the homeowner, gardeners and hunters resolve their pest related issues and enjoy their hobbies and time with family. We take pride in the fact that we can help in these areas with products that are concentrated and cost efficient.

Just let us know when you have a pest problem, and we will be there to help you get the right solution.


Lee Shaffer, Jr.
Treasurer / In-side Sales

Lee Jr., brings over 50 years of experience to this business. He started Carbotec after over 15 years of working as a manager of a chemical application company as well as 10 years of farming sugar cane and managing a farmer's cooperative. He brought all of this experience to Carbotec Chemicals and has made this company into a viable small business supporting a large group of loyal customers. Lee, Jr is committed to his customers and giving them the products they need, for the task they have to accomplish, at a price that is always fair.

Lee Shaffer, III
President / Outside Sales 

Lee, III retired from the US Air Force after twenty years of service. He came to Carbotec with a desire to help in the family business and has focused on developing government business as well as learning as much about the chemical business as possible. Lee, III has successfully obtained his Commercial Applicator's License and is working with all of companies customers to get the best chemical for the problem at hand.  

Candice Hernandez
Contract Bookkeeper 

Candice is the backbone of Carbotec. She has worked in a variety of bookkeeping positions and has a complete handle on all issues that might arise with your bills. She has worked with Carbotec for over two years now and provides wealth of knowledge to Carbotec's customers.  She works for AV Becnel and the owner, Ashley, is another great partner in our business.  Here is a link to her company:  http://avbecnel.com/