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Carbotec Chemicals:

On October 17, 1994 Carbotec, Inc. (Carbotec Chemicals, Inc.) was formed as a Louisiana corporation. Carbotec brings over 30 years of experience to your company and individual pest problems. We sell a complete product line of Environmental Protection Agency approved herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides to help you solve all of your professional pest issues. We provide solutions for the eradication of weeds, unwanted grasses, nuisance aquatic vegetation, insects and diseases that plague farmers, vegetative management professional, forestry services, land management professionals, hunting and fishing enthusiast, and the do-it-yourself homeowners. All of our products are concentrated so you can tailor your application needs saving money, time and ensuring you protect the environment. We can provide most chemical in varieties of sizes from one gallon containers to 265 gallon totes. Due to our nationwide partnerships we are able to keep your shipping costs negligible, and we are also here to assist you with the information and advice you need to make the best pest management decisions.

Carbotec’s Mission:

Provide the pest management industry and community access to the best and most effective vegetative and pest management chemicals at the best possible prices to our valued customers.

Our Vision:

Provide the most cost-effective, EPA approved chemicals to our customers across the Nation. Our family owned business will offer the most reliable information to assist our customers in making their businesses more profitable and effective.

Our Goals:
  • Provide pesticide solutions that meet our customer needs;
  • Locate cost effective chemical solutions;
  • Provide service that meets the needs of our customer;
  • Ensure our employees have enjoyable and rewarding employement.


Random Product
Temporary, water soluble, blue spray colorant used...
[$Our Price]:
A contact herbicide used to control or suppress a ...
Best Sellers
MSMA 6 Plus is a combination liquid herbicide and ...
[$Our Price]:
A four-pound-per-gallon Atrazine blend that is use...
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Due to frequent price fluctuations in the chemical industry, prices are just estimates. Please call for up-to-date pricing or other products that might not be listed on the website. We will work with you to get the best shipping cost and the perfect mix of chemicals you might need. We also provide products in bulk -- so give us a call.

Note: ** indicates that you will need to provide a Restricted Use Pesticide license before we can complete your order.