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NEW Chemical
Posted : Thu, Aug 11, 2016
Everyone is always asking for new herbicides.  There is now an answered.  Bayer Chemicals is now distributing a new chemical “indaziflam” through a product called Esplanade.  There are two formulations of this product called Esplanade EZ and Esplanade SC 200.  The EZ formulation is pre-mixed with diquat and glyphosate to give you a great product that can be used around the home, office and hunting leases with back-pack or ATV type sprayers.  The SC 200 formulation is a higher concentration of the indaziflam that applicators can mix with other chemicals to help with their weed control.  The new pre-emerge chemical is a bit more in price, but Bayer is claiming a 6 month hold of weeds. We have been trying it out with some of our professional applicators and they are enjoying the new formulation.   Give us a call or stop by if you want to discuss.   Product Brochure 

Due to frequent price fluctuations in the chemical industry, prices are just estimates. Please call for up-to-date pricing or other products that might not be listed on the website. We will work with you to get the best shipping cost and the perfect mix of chemicals you might need. We also provide products in bulk -- so give us a call.

Note: ** indicates that you will need to provide a Restricted Use Pesticide license before we can complete your order.